Stand Ups and Shout Outs

Stand Ups and Shout Outs


October 2nd, 2013


It was a bit daunting to think about writing a blog, as I’m not particularly of the current school of social media.  To post what I ate for breakfast, about the jerk that cut the bicyclist off on the street, or the cocktail I had at which bar, isn’t that appealing to me.  I will do my best to keep up with the times and include these slice of life moments as well as more meaningful tidbits, hoping you will enjoy one form or ideally both.  So, that brings me to the margarita and enchiladas I had for dinner and Stand Ups and Shout Outs.

I volunteered with Community for Youth which is a mentoring program and community that relentlessly supports high school students to help them realize they can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.  As with any relationship or a community there are opportunities for everyone (students, staff, and volunteers) to learn and grow if you’re open to change.  One of my favorite parts of the curriculum was stand ups.  When speaking you had to stand up, literally, but it means your voice, your words are important and deserve to be heard and that you stood behind the statements you were making.  It also adds a level of discernment of what one chooses to say.  I was forever changed, for the better though my experience.

My first stand up: Gratitude.  I feel there are not enough kind words, encouraging words, and gratitude in the world.  I know I can be swayed by distractions of a busy life and let life pass not consciously being grateful and this leads me to the Shout Outs.  But first, Bauer, my wonderful 13 year old golden retriever is peacefully snoring away on the floor.

photo credit © Puja Parakh Photography

photo credit © Puja Parakh Photography

I know I’ve learned/used shout outs in various forms, but Ladies Rock Camp (LRC) keeps it current in my life.  You’ll learn much more about LRC as you read through the blog, but it is a phenomenal weekend for women musicians of varying skills.  A giant piece of paper hangs on the wall, where throughout the weekend people write “Shout Outs”:  Band coach thanks for helping us pull with the last line of the chorus!  The vegan/gluten free portion of the pot luck was fantastic! Band mate I Iove my new button!  Sunday morning, after two days packed with activity, band practice, fun, entertainment and challenges, there is the opportunity to share your experience and provide a verbal shout out.

My first shout out: To Natalie Walker and Holly Houser the founders of Rain City Rock Camp for Girls (RCRC) which is a non-profit organization dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music.  And to Natalie (Executive Director) for continuing to have the passion, inspiration, energy, creativity and drive to continue to grow RCRC and influence the music scene for women in Seattle.  All which could not be accomplished without Michelle O’Connor (Operation Manager) and the thousands of hours donated by the hundreds of volunteers.  Ladies Rock Camp weekend is a fundraiser for the girl’s camps.

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