What Will Become, of Me
  • Genre:rock

What Will Become, of Me

  1. Beth O'Connor live at the Skylark

What Will Become, of Me

I didn’t mean to fall in love with her
Now that I’m here, God help me what to do
Because you see, I know she doesn’t feel the same way about me
I’m not willing to walk away which I know would set me free
If I could just see the future
Or even just the possibility that
One day you would choose me
I would wait for you until the end of time
Oh yeah, I would wait for you until the end of time

But I can’t read the future
So I stay inside my self-created hell where
This love twists like a knife inside my heart
But from you I’m not willing to part
You absolutely feed my soul
Friendship, love, safety, trust that we hold
Inspiration, support, insight into the truth
It is so genuine, real and beautiful

So I guess time will tell
If I’m to be release from my own private hell
Until then I’ll try to be with what is
So what is to be may become
What will become,
Of me

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